We are going to create access to water for 7,000 people NOW

Hi! We are Iris and Said. We met in Tanzania one year ago. Iris was there for her work at Simavi and got to know Said as an incredibly driven, social entrepreneur with a mission: making quality drinking water accessible to everyone in the world. Where others see challenges, Said sees opportunities. He does it! Enthusiastically Said showed his innovativie solution: the Water Vending Machine! A super smart system that can provide safe drinking water with the aid of solar energy. A structural solution to an age-old problem.
Unlike many other water projects, this is a social enterprise, that has potential to be taken to scale. That is why we set up a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the growth of its social enterprise Ufundiko. Iris tells us more about it below.

The power of water

Said taught me how making drinking water available has more impact than meeting a basic need. If drinking water is immediately available, it will accelerate the economic development of a village. Due to lack of maintenance, 30 to 40 percent of the water pumps run dry. As a result, women sometimes have to walk for hours  to collect drinking water. Precious time that they could be spending with their family or on income-generating activities.




The opportunity

With the help of smart technology and social entrepreneurship, Said's team designed a Water Vending Machine. A smart system that differs from existing water pumps in two important ways: villagers pay for water and thus finance the maintenance of the pump. Besides, thanks to an online dashboard, you can see at any time how much water the pump will tap, when it deviates and when the pump may not function properly and needs to be repaired.



The next step: water for 7,000 people

After the successful pilot carried out recently in Nugototo village, Dodoma region, the next step is to build a Water Vending Machine, including technology, in Ngomai. By doing so, we will make drinking water available to 7,000 people! At the same time, the machine starts generating income for maintenance, repair and development. To install the smart Water Vending Machine with innovative technology, Said needs € 16,000. Together with you, we want to take this big step!


A clean campaign

Become an investor in this revolution, just like Said and me. Together, we will bring safe drinking water to 7,000 people in Ngomai village, in Tanzania. Thanks to the online dashboard, every quarter, Said and I will keep you updated on the impact of the total investment and how many people use safe drinking water. Accurate down to the litre ;). But we want to thank you more. Therefore, Said is currently looking for residents who can make jewelry or works of art from used Vending Machine coins. As soon as we can show you more of this, we will do so on this page.




Which steps does Said take after this project? 

After the succesful pilot, Said and his team will focus on placing the Water Vending Machine, including the smart technolog, on existing water points, so no expensive new wells have to be made. With this, the Water Vending Machine can already provide drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people! With this crowdfunding campaign, Said takes the first steps towards achieving this goal. As soon as all water pumps are traceable, Said focuses on the installation of new water pumps connected via water pipes to existing water supply systems.


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from €16.000 (110%)
€10 Donate Become a water entrepreneur! - Every quarter Said keeps you informed about the performance of the Water Vending Machine and the progress of the revolution. Your own water entrepreneurship course: brought to you from Tanzania, directly in your mailbox. 38 donors €35 Donate The Waterprint - Art that makes your jaw drop - Building the innovative Water Vending Machine is a real art! We will send you an artprint photo (60x40cm) of the Water Vending Machine, for your wall at home or in the office. Art with a real story. And of course you also receive the previous reward. 19 donors €75 Donate The Water Bracelet - jewelry with a story - Said and I can feel it in our water: you deserve something very special! Therefore, especially you, an unique bracelet, with one of the first used coins from the Water Vending Machine. An ornament with a real story, to keep or give away. Of these, only 60 are handmade by the residents of Ngomai village. Additional, you will receive the reward 'Become a water entrepreneur!' 8 donors 52 available €100 Donate The Water Necklace - jewelry with a story - Someone that dares to stick out his/her neck for water, deserves an unique necklace! This necklace with a coin, which has previously been used in the Water Vending Machine, is only for important links like you. Made with love in Ngomai village in Tanzania. Additional, you will receive the reward 'Become a water entrepreneur!' 3 donors 57 available €200 Donate The Water Council - You are the real deal. Therefore, the residents of Ngomai village cut a real Water Vending Machine coin out of wood for you: a special piece of jewelry or artwork on your desk. You are part of the 'Water Council': ten ambassadors who made the difference at the start of the Water Vending Revolution. Additional, you will receive the reward 'Become a water entrepreneur!' 3 donors 7 available €500 Donate Partnership - It is clear that you - or your organization - take building seriously. For a month, you adopt the Water Vending Machine. Said keeps you informed about developments through Skype. This is how you enterprise together for a month. You can also leave a message on the Water Vending Machine for a month. A request, or maybe even a question? Said will record the reactions of the villagers. We are curious! Choose one of the other rewards. And of course, in addition, you will receive the reward 'Become a water entrepreneur!' 3 donors 9 available
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